Prey of the Falcon: An International Thriller

Two students, a Spaniard and her American friend, go missing from the University of Madrid, Spain. Evidence suggests that the two women were abducted, but there is no demand for ransom, no communication from any would-be kidnappers—nothing. They are just gone without a trace with only an open car door and set of abandoned car keys to indicate they were ever there. Weeks of investigation by the police and other investigative agencies lead nowhere.

Captain Mercedes Garcia of the National Police Force and ex-Secret Service Agent Gene—Gino—Cerone, principal characters from the novel The Seventh Treasure, return in this new and challenging mystery to investigate the disappearance and find answers where there are none.

The two soon discover a dark plot that touches the best and brightest women—leaders amongst their peers—at universities across Europe, ultimately taking them to the desert kingdoms of the Middle East.

Cerone assembles an unorthodox investigative team that needs to circumvent a diplomatic nightmare involving monarchies throughout the Arab world, to find these missing women and bring them home safely.